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The past few weeks had been a painful yet liberating period for me.
I struggle hard to forget the thing that had been bothering me all this time, the yearning for something that would never be achieved in the short term.

Along the process, I found myself pushing a heavy boulder uphill. It was difficult to let go of something when your heart doesn’t really want to. Just like you want to erase a carving on a solid rock. It’s possible as time goes by, but it’s detrimental to the rock itself. Or you want to remove a nail buried deep in a plank, at the end of the day you succeed to, but what you will have in your hand is a chunk of wood full of holes and rough surfaces here and there. That is why; you really need to think a lot first before carving something on the rock or hitting the nail into the wood because the repercussions is huge and will affect you for the rest of your life.

During this period, I receive my revelations. I started to see the reason why the feelings keep on attached to me.  Being a teenager or to be more precise, a Muslim teenager in today’s world is not a path full of roses and fragrance. Every day in our life, we are exposed to the lifestyles and things that are not ours in the first place. Yet, we are told that it is BAD and we are NOT to follow it.

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