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Sometimes in our life,we came upon a branching road.There are choices that we had to make.And these choices will determine who we are and what we do in the future.

People say that we you came across options that were really hard to choose, you should always ask God for guidance. "Istikharah je la". Yes,its true that solat istikharah is really important in making the right choices.

But,people tend to miss another critical element which is musyawarah.It's about asking people who really knows more.Researching, analysing what's important,what we need,what's our priority and rationalising ourselves to make the right choice. At the end of the day,we ourself will make the choice.God will not change someone's fate but the person himself will transform his life.

To tell you the truth,I am in this situation right at this moment. And I really needed COMMENTS,SUGGESTIONS,FEEDBACK to help me in this confusion.

Ok, right now, I got two offer, namely UIAM Pre-Med Foundation and the other one is International Baccalaureate at Kolej Mara Banting under Mara Scholarship (Medic). Let's see the it.

UIAM Pre Med

1. Duration : 1 years/2 years depending on orientation week test result.Total = 1+5(degree) = 6 years.
2. High chance to pursue degree. 3.5 and above should be sufficient for male studs esp.
3. According to doctors that I asked, local medical grads have some advantages.Which are:
  • Shorter duration
  • Seniority: ppl who studied abroad will surely be left behind by a minimum of 1 year.So, local medical grads will have an advantage in terms of seniority, experience and salaries.And added to the fact that,salary nowadays are time-based, which depends on our work experience.So,sometimes new HOs from overseas will have to learn and work under MO who are their classmate in high school! Now, that's really demotivating.
  • Overseas grads had to take sometime to adapt to the condition in Malaysia. For ex: the climate is different,so the diseases are also different.Graduates from abroad lack knowledge on tropical diseases. Not to say the communication-wise, socioeconomics,and demographics of the country.Local grads are most probably trained in this kind of situation during their clinical course,while overseas grads will have to take some time in their career to settle this.

International Baccalaureate at KMB
1. Duration: IB=2 years . Degree=5 years Total = 7 years.Longer period.
2. If I do not pass the IB, will be transferred to private colleges/ do twinning programmes.
3. Can go to overseas. Yay!
4. Less chance of getting to do the medical degree relatively compared to UIAM Pre-Med.
5. IB is internationally recognised,and entry to top universities in the world will be easier depending on the points that we will get at the end of the programme.But this is assuming that we pass the IB first.
6. Maybe some ppl say that students from IB are holistic and all-rounded student because they are exposed to various kinds of co-curricular activities. But for me, that's not so important.Why? First of all, we still do these kind of things in other universities.Secondly, come 'on , I heard alot of these kind of arguments in school, holistic students,balanced students,insan yang seimbang dari segi jasmani bla bla bla. But see~,  20 best students in Malaysia who are  given National Scholarship which is the the cream of the crop of all the scholarship are evaluated based on their MARKS in SPM.So much for co-curricular activities! For me, what matters most at the end of the day are our academics performance . Even in IB. 45. I'm not saying that soft skills are useless, but as much as the entry level to top unis or getting scholarships,what government see is our MARKS in exam.Soft skills are important,but maybe in our life or in our career. A quote from pemidato khas KISAS during Anugerah Kecemerlangan 2010, " Kelayakan akademik akan membawa anda ke pintu tempat kerja,tetapi perjalanan menyelusuri kerjaya anda selepas itu akan bergantung kepada kemahiran2 generik anda". I say, how can "perjalanan menyelusuri kerjaya" starts when we are not even get the job/chance to study in top unis in the first place?!

So ppl, please please please leave your comments below. Crush my opinions. Debate with me.Convince me. I really need it. Thanks.


  1. oh my god :D
    both ur offered totally same wif me XD
    pliz take IB ^^

  2. local's better.... lots of advantages compared to IB.. most people said that IB is kinda tough... the advantage of IB is just that if u pass the minimum requirement, then you can go to study abroad... when u become a doctor, u can go anywhere u like in the world with ur own salary...

  3. kat uiam tuh
    x ramai un dpt buat one year faoundation.
    most mmg akan 2 years.
    so same je nanti period mcm amek IB uh.
    IB is better.. amek lah peluang tuh ye

  4. yeah IB is tough.
    but u get the offer thatz meant u can
    overcome it...
    in fact, it will help u greatly to become a better medic student.. u wont regret it..
    be open minded. think more into the future..
    and yeah. life is about making decision and u cant expect that the road u taking will be straight..
    challenges will develop u into more great person ...
    it just an opinion ok.

  5. salam,

    i was in your perplexing situation before. and i made my choice based on my intuitions (which of course before that through all the research and most importantly from Him). I chose KMB. and I survived it ( well, not until this July, because that's the time when my final result will be revealed).

    Be grateful ( and count your blessing, not all people have these wondrous and golden opportunities as yours) and make up your mind.
    If you want further guidance, you can always contact me at FB under the name = Azim Amin
    Btw, i'm your super seniors ( at kLang's Kolej) and if im not mistaken you've met me somewhere.

  6. ....being eligible for the scholarship holder is very2 'luckiest' person...meaning that u is among the 'chosen one' trust urself coz the interviewer panel are believing at u that u can do well in ur studies..IB was ur future..perhaps u can get what u want..isthikaroh...

  7. first of all,,istikharah la and never stop smpai dpt petunjuk yg benar2 mmbantu..
    i think u already know tht kmb provides one of the best IB studies worldwide..(kalau x slh la)
    i got a friend who's studying in kmb currently..according to him, doing IB is kinda tough but kalau confident bleh survive, insya Allah boleh..that depends on yourself, of course..studying local or abroad dua2 bgos..

    u've got the sship offer and that's a chance for u to study abroad..but, only if fitri dpt lepasi cut of point yg diorg, 1 persoalan kt situ..can u?

    kalau dpt ke ovrc, peluang kerja insya Allah trbuka other word; worldwide..(lps 2 thn housemanship kt msia) kalau buat medic local pun, insya Allah ada pluang, persoalan kedua, would u like to have an advantage in ur future career?

    experience..kt ovrc ngn local lain sgt2..pendedahan yg kita dpt n modul bljr dlm bidang medic sgt berbeza...if u go to the UK countries, ur study will be more focused on theory..dlm negara plak, ur medical practice akan lebih strong la sbb lgpun, u'll be doing ur practical at local hospital where u'll be exposed to local, u akan trbiasa dgn disease org2 kita a doctor tht will serve ur country n its people,thts a good thing sbb u dh well aware dgn patients in ur own, another question being asked here..=)

    dr segi kewangan, of course bila dh dpt sship offer tu,,insya Allah, prbelanjaan suma ditanggung..but still, pegi local pun ada biasiswanye..(kalau layak la) persoalan strusnya, is ur financial status ok?

    environment..hmm, of course, u are well aware of the environment abroad and local..UIA; ada la gak islamic surrounding..mknn dah tentu halal..n so on la..abroad; mcm susah je nk dptkn islamic surrounding kalau kumpul ngn bdak2 muslim rmai2, insya Allah bleh wujudkn surrounding, utk dptkn mknn halal,,xsure la mcm, lg persoalan..where do u want to be??

    kawen..heard tht u cant wait to get married with whoever it, ask urself again..nk kawen awal ke lmbat? si dia tu nk tunggu ke x? whatever la..

    in conclusion,,u decide how do you want to achieve ur ambition..Allah bg byk peluang dah..think deeply..this is just my opinion..xtau la ur opinion mcm mna..kalau semua persoalan tu dh trjawab,,insya Allah, akan lebih mudah utk buat keputusan...try to ask more questions to yourself other than listed above...blaja kat luar negara n dlm msia ni sama the end, jd doktor, pengalaman tu je yg lain..pluang ke ovrc sntiasa trbuka..kalau x skrg, lps dpt medical degree in msia,smbung la masters or phd, again, think wisely before u decide...u might want to sit on Steve's Thinking Chair in Blues Clues..haha..just kidding..=)

    whatever it is, gudluck and hope u make the best decision..^.^

  8. bukan smua owg dapat test IB nie.
    ko gi la try doe. alah, mne ade bende snang dalam hidop ni.
    klau x dapek un pass pointer IB tuh, at least mara anta blaja ipts.
    rather than ko x pass UIA tuh, kang kne tendang kos len.
    last year un x semua foundtion medic uia dapat sambong degree medic.
    serious ko baek masok kmb

  9. dear dear my junior,
    1.IB is tough, but think about it again, even UPSR was tough back then, because we had not sat for the exam yet..the same goes to IB, coz we havent sat for the exam, so we tend to say it's tough..come on, im sure after you've passed your IB with flying colours, you'll be proud to say that IB is easy..if IB is really tough, how can Abang Che' (Ex-KI, spm batch 2008) could be the top student in KMB?? everything is tough in this world, but with usaha, insyaAllah everything's gonna be ok..
    2. oversea grads will have problems adapting themselves in Malaysia?? haha, this one tickles my heart..come on, we were born in Malaysia, being in UK for 5 years doesnt simply change us into a mat saleh :P we know the condition here in Msia, so i am positively sure that we didnt and will not have any problems to adapt ourselves, you will come back to malaysia EVERY year (trust me), so during that time, you can do practicals at the local hospitals ( like what my senior does during summer)..that way, u can both theories from UK and practicalities from locals, aint that great??
    3. lost of seniority?? come on, just for a year, how much difference could that be?? rm300?? lol~
    with overseas grad, you can find jobs anywhere in the world coz they're recognised by the whole world, especially degrees from UK..if u study here in local uni for example, can u guarantee that ur degree will be accepted if u wanna work at US??
    4. longer study duration?? FYI, UK university offers friend, Zulikhwan (BNM Kijang Emas Scholar), got 2 types of offers from the university..1 is for a 4-year programme whereas another one is for typical 5-year sure u can also get the 4-year duration..standard la bro, 4 taun for engine and medic kat UK..if in US, u NEED to have a degree 1st before u can pursue medic, how about that eh?? 3 + 5 years = 8 years?? hoho~ 6-7 years is nothing my man, dont're gonna be a doc!!
    6. duk oversea, susah nak dpt biah islam dan makanan halal?? err, this one i quite disagree~
    according to the experiences of the seniors and what i have heard and seen, the islamic societies are very active in UK, we have IKRAM, ISMA, ABIM, Hizbul Tahrir, etc..we have usrah every fact, a lot of famous ustaz comes to give a talk each week..the malaysian students society is very active in each university..nak cari makanan halal?? xde la sesenang di malaysia tp xde la smpai susah SANGAT nak cari, tu sume org duk exaggerate je tu, unless diaorg duduk kat tempat yg SANGAT2 HULU, jauh dari pembangunan :P
    byk je kedai halal, insyaAllah..stakat sheffield, nottingham, southampton, queenmary,bellfast, mana2 la, msti ada kedai2 pakistan yg jual daging halal.. :)

    lastly, go for overseas dude!! im sure u can do it!! if everyone else can, why CANT you?? aim for OXBRIDGE!!

    btw, tuka setting la blog tu..kalau ko bg sume blh komen, im sure u can get lots more opinions~

  10. hopefully i'm not too little too late.

    obviuosly 2 options mentioned there are tie. istikharah done, musyawarah done, but if still cant decide, go back to HIM. Allah knows best. yakin dgn DIA.
    now we can see that nothings perfect kan.
    so dont look at the bad sides too much.

    p/s: kdg2 tarbiyah yg sbnr2 tu kite peroleh di negera non muslim. dn inshaAllah d sn jls hitam putih nya (halal & haram).xde la kelabu2 mcm kt msia skrg. n u'll find so much to learn. i my self not in msia rite now and i know/see the big difference, n u should grab the chance given.

  11. somuchforanonymous26 May 2011 at 18:03

    yeah, honestly, have you not read HLOVATE? Sape ckp oversea xde biah. Yg oversea tu la lg power biah dye kot!

  12. Jom pi IB!!! See u at KMB...(=


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