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There’s no such thing as absolute truth. I meant there is, but we will never discover it. Except, for Muslims of course. We have our 2 sources of absolute truth. But those themselves, requires explanations and interpretations, which somehow sometimes, deviate and disturb us from seeing the truth.

The Syrian Revolution started as a what you say a “normal” uprising in the Arab world. You know, one of those riots and clashes than turn out to be a mass scale revolution.

15 March 2011. That’s when it started. Almost parallel with other uprisings which later be known as the Arab Spring. The time when Ben Ali, Mubarak, and Gaddafi crumbled down. 

Then it proceed just like the others, demonstrations and clashes between security forces and protesters , killing many, and of course , many on the weaponless side, as in the case of any other demonstration-turn-bad cases. More than 100 protesters are killed in the first massacre and quadrupled in the next several conflicts.

Sounds familiar right?
For some, it’s just the same boring plot and storyline that every Arab uprising possesses.

So, some of us might be asking, why the fuss? It’s the same old sh*t about dictators and tyrants waiting to be removed. If you are in my world, you are blatantly wrong.
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