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I spend at least 2 hours a day on Facebook these days. I don't know if I am categorised as a facebook-addict or not but the most important reason that I press the login button frequently is because for me FB had become a useful tool to catch up with the latest news. It's like the news portal of the whole teenage world, anything can be found here,ranging from important dates for post-SPMmers to breaking news around the world. But that's not what I want to say today.

Have you ever been linked to some pictures or videos or even a FB profile that contains offensive material to Islam? (Remember Jasmine Selalu Hepi?). Really sad to see how people's ignorant about Islam made them to slanderously insult Islam without any knowledge. What do they feel if someone insult their own religion?

But still, watching the comments underneath the pictures or the content was more devastating to me than the content itself.

"F**k u! go to hell! "
"wth, pergi mampos la weii..ko igt agama ko tu bgos sgt. F**k Jesus!"
" hey b*bi, dah aa..kesian kt ko nnti."
" jom kite pi rog*l rmai2 minah nie..kite ajar sket.haha"
"beware on the streets,you are being watched".

Worse, this comments were written by Muslims, which believes in the teachings of  the Quran and Muhammad s.a.w. . What we do reflects what Islam teach, in the eyes of people around the world.


If these are our responses, then we can say that they succeed. Because their purpose in the first place was to provoke us and consequently brings out the worst in ourselves.They want the international community to see us as savages,who in the face of humiliation,we turn to violent,desperate,unethical and uncivilized way. They wanted us to keep being occupied by this, and forgot what is our priority.They want us to bring shame to our religion by our own hands. And for now, they succeed.We need a revolution.

Yes, we need to attack them back where it hurts the most.And where is that? That is spreading the beauty of Islam to the people of the world. This is what they don't want us to do. Ignorant or in simple words,lack of knowledge about Islam is what drives these kind of attack on Islam.Islamophobia.Fire cannot be extinguished by fire.Come on,people! Rise up!. What can we do:

1. Stop sharing the links to these kind of materials.
2. If you stumble upon these materials, ignore,delete them and never bother to send to your friends.We need to choose our own battlefield to fight them.And this is not it.
3. Don't comment on them, let them be. There other better ways to contribute to our religion.
4. Show good examples to non-muslim friends in communicating with them wether in virtual world or in the real wordl.Be professional and Be rational.
5. Create your own blogs to spread the word on the beauty of Islam. Ignite the spirit of Islamic journalism and intellectualism.

Sikit-sikit lama-lama jadi bukit. That's the malay proverb emphasizing on how small things that we do in our life can make a big difference in the world we live today.We can, if everyone of us plays our own role.

It has been narrated by Abu Huraira (May Allah be pleased with him) That Allah's  Messenger Muhammad ( ) Said:

 “ The strong is not the one who over comes the people by his strength”
"But the strong is the one who controls him while in anger."

Come on! Join the revolution!.


  1. setuju sgt...
    teruskan usaha!. :)

  2. hmm..setuju sgt..
    kalau tak bukak FB
    rase cam ketinggalan yg amat~

  3. Create your own blogs to spread the word on the beauty of Islam. skong ayat ni. blog la manhaj baru tuk sebarkn dkwah. troskn usaha anda! :)

  4. terima kasih atas sokongan..sebar2 kan kepada yang lain

  5. fikrah mcm ni yg Islam perlukan. mabruk akh.
    yup, that is not our battlefield Yet. mybe,it can be ours, one day.


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