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It was a dark and chilling night. The howling of the dogs echoed throughout the streets. Black grotesque clouds start to from in the pitch dark night skies. Torrential rains started to pour down on Mother Earth, giving life back to the wilting floras, punished by the long spanning of the drought. In a room of a house at the end of the neighbourhood, something weird is happening. Sounds of a heated discussion made the crickets music seemed so minor. A bright flash of light shine through the sleek glass window.

F1 : What's wrong with you , bro? You looked really weird nowadays.Are you in a problem?

F2 : Umm .. kinda.

F1 : Hey, come on bro, tell me about it. Who's her?

F2 : What are you talking about? What "who's her?" ?! 

F1 : Lorhh. Cut the crap,F2. We lived together for almost 18 years now.You are always by my side,  and so do I.  I know every bit of your habit, even the smallest details of your life. You cannot lie to me,brother. I know that look of yours. It's not a normal problem. It's a heart and soul issue. I always know, it happened so often, once in every school,once in every year.

F2 : Erm. Nothing F1, just like you said , it's just the same, lame and crappy "heart and soul" issue. Shame on me. Always having a crush. So immature.

F1 : No brother. A big NO. I got a feeling that this one is SO different. You are really *u*ked up. This ain't no normal problem.

F2 : Why do you said that?

F1 : Brother, this is the first time in my whole life with you that I heard a girl's name is inserted in your prayer! Now that's something. This is the first time that I see you are really screwed up, smiling by yourself , alone, out of the blue and after awhile that impression changed to the usual dull and gloomy face again. The first time I see you cannot close your eyes at night.The first time that you stalk someone's profile 10 times a day on Facebook. The first time that I heard you sighed more than you laughed in a day's time. And the first time your heart thumped like it was exploding while your palms and feet freezed as if you are in the North Pole when you see her name in the online list. This is really serious,F2. This is wayyy too weird for you.

F2 : *speechless for a while* . Erk. . I guess I cannot hide it anymore.Yes,exactly,F1. This one's really different. She's the girl like none other. She's the one who had robbed my heart. When she went away,it is as if she had taken my heart away. I forgot how to laugh anymore. Sleep and seems so insignificant for me.She's really bad. She screwed up my whole life. And you know what? She's the first girl in my life that had me ever think about my marriage life with her. I had freaking dreams,you know?!  Hell no. Damn heart stealer!

F1 : Wow. She's really something. But, please, F2. I think you know how to deal with it. After all, you have read this manual of forgetting love., right?

F2 : Yeah. I've read it. But still,F1, it's easier said than to be done. When this thing struck, you whole world will go upside down. And the most painful thing is when you know that you cannot have her right at this moment, you cannot talk to her and you can't express what you felt about her.Ohhh man. This is killing me!

F1 : Chill, F2. Hmm.This is really serious.But F1,sometimes this kind of feelings are temporary,SOMETIMES.It is a fact that the nature of our heart and mind to be changing and fluctuating all the time.Maybe today you are head over heels on her,while tomorrow you will get hooked up with another maiden,which is better than her in your perspective at that time.But if you are really serious about this,I think you should do the next step brother. If you truly believe that she's the right one, you should ask her hand in marriage. That's the best thing to do for your situation. That's what our religion taught us.It's the solution designed by our own God.

F2 : What?! Marriage?! Hell no.  I'm still a student,brother.I'm still young.And she is too. We got our own ambitions and the journey is still far away.We got our own path to be treaded. Marriage requires a lot of responsibility,brother.You are taking care of one's beloved daughter,man. What about money? House?

F1: Well, brother. Have you heard about "nikah khitbah"?

F2 : Yes. It is a great idea and solution. But I doubt that the reception by both sides of the parents will be nice. I mean, it's logical. Who wants to put his daughter's life at stakes?. We are talking about uncertainities here. What if the guy does not do well in his study and doesn't get a good job and thus lack financial stability? A lot of things can happen. And it can severely jeorpadise our lives.

F1 : *chuckles and then smile*  Ok then. How about engangement?  At least you have built a foundation for your relationship. It's better than not having any tie with her at all. It means that you reserved her and planned to marry her after a certain time.

F2 : I thought about it before. But I am certain that my period of study will be very long. A lot of things can happen during this. I don't want to keep her waiting for too long. I don't want her to restrict her heart and burden her feelings. And, I am so afraid that I will fall for another person and abandon her. I cannot imagine what will be the consequences.

F1 : See,brother? You restrain yourself from having any legitimate ties with her. You yourself said that there are too many obstacles to unite with her. So, why bother thinking about it? You are doing a bad thing to your body and mind. And more importantly, you made someone jealous.

F2 : Someone jealous? I don't get it.

F1 : Yes. Someone who had always be at your side since before you were born.Someone who had never failed to take care of you. The silent lover, someone who loved you so much that even though how many times you cheat on Him, He still gave you second chances. Always. He who is craving to listen to your romantic words, night and days. He who is always there for you, who missed to hear you saying His beautiful names, who loved to see that you remember Him everytime and everywhere.

F2: ........ but..

F1 : Yes, F2, He is very jealous when He sees that someone is more important to you than Him,someone had occupied a larger portion of your heart than Him, when you love His creation more than you loved Him.

F2 : ............

F1: You see,brother, I am not saying that you should actually forget her and concentrate on His love only because that will be impossible for a human,I mean the flame of love cannot be extinguished just like that, but what I am trying to say is that, you should never prolonged this state of mind. If you see that there is no way to get married or there are too many obstacles to unite with her in the short term, you should divert your attention from this. It's the best for you.There are alot of many important things that you must do first.

F2 : (-.-)

F1 : You are still young and energetic,which is a good phase to get as many experiences as possible and venture into the unknown.Get a good degree first as your parents told you. How about religious knowledge? Have you had enough of it to be the leader of a family? What about your attitude and personality? Do you have the qualities that can lead your wife to heaven? Are you prepared to take care of someone's daughter ? Can you take the responsbility that will be asked on the Day of Judgement?  You answer it yourself.

F2: (   .   ) zzzzzz.

F1 : (>.<) . WTH?! Ok fine.

F2 : Haha. Just kidding brother. Btw, thank you for your advice. Now, I know what I am heading. Thanks sooo much. Ooops, it's already dawn. Our master will be awake anytime soon. Let's combine again and return to our true self.

F1 : Yeah. We better be quick or else he will be late for his Fajr prayer.


Bright flashing light.

And thus F1 and F2 combine and return to their original state.

"What a dream!"   XD



  1. Gosh..this is great....and this is sooo true...good job mate!!!! and thanx btw...this post somehow related to me very much ^^

  2. "Someone who had never failed to take care of you.The silent lover, someone who loved you so much that even though how many times you cheat on Him.." Subahanallah....

  3. obvious sgt ni. geli cket even u got the point. overall, nicely done for an *n*a* person.

  4. @microvise : thanks .. haha. looks like you are in the same boat. *n*a* boat.

    @anon : i honored to have the queen here. mencemar duliii..haha.

  5. all i can say is masyaAllah. what a great friend you have! or are you talking to yourself?

    anyway, i do agree with you. nikah khitbah is one of the ways, yet it's not the best way. 91:7-10, the greatest jihad is that against a man's own lust. insyaAllah, inna a'malu binniat :)

  6. nice entry ! keep it up. do comment on mine then. hehe


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